Occupational Health and Safety Services

Mace Safety Solutions is proud to over this service as we have our own internal Registered Construction Health and Safety Officer. We offer services in the following fields as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993

  • Construction Safety Management

  • Workplace Safety Management
  • COVID 19 Compliance in the Workplace and Schools
  • School Safety
  • Safety File’s (Site Specific only)

  • First Aid Box Replenishment
  • Consulting in Occupational Health and Safety
  • Monthly Site Visits
  • Internal OHS Audits
  • Training

Event Safety Management Services

We offer a specialized service to all event organizers and venues with regards to legal compliance, of events and assist with all application and submission to the local and provincial authorities Mace Safety Solutions has over the years built up a good working relationship with all Municipalities and advises as per all municipal by laws. Service that we offer:

  • South African Police Services Application

  • Special Events Liquor Application

  • Municipal Licence Application

  • JOC Submission

  • Event Safety Officer Service’s during the Event

  • Consulting

  • Event Risk Management (Oversite)

Parking Solutions (Malls / Special Events)

Mace Safety Solutions has over the past few years looked very closely at how to secure parking at events, with Mr Marius Matthee as our Operational Manager that heads up this division, he has over 10 years’ experience managing high profile events and parking management as a parking Operational Manager for his previous  company that he worked for.

All Parking Monitors are screened by Mace Safety Solutions and the SAPS (South African Police Services) before being placed on sites.

We have introduced new and innovative ideas to secure parking and events, whether being paid or managed parking.

Services Offered:

  • Trolley Collection and Maintenance

  • Uniformed Parking Monitors

  • Car Park Maintenance

  • Event Parking Management

  • Installation of Jamming Units

Site Base Medical Support ( Malls and Events)

Mace Safety Solutions has seen a need to create a Site Base Medical Support team within the company, this is aimed at offering support to Malls and Events, by placing Medical support to assist by stabilizing patients while waiting for help to arrive.  We also assist with COIDA (Workmen’s Competition Support), by completing the WCL 2 Form on behalf of the employer and following up on First Medical Reports / Progress Reports / Resumption reports from hospitals, with following up all claims can be completed on time and with out delay.

COVID 19 – Legal Compliance

With the outbreak of COVID 19, Mace Safety Solutions can assist all companies and schools with regards to legal compliance to COVID 19 – RETURN TO WORK AND RETURN TO SCHOOL.

  • COVID 19 – Risk Base Risk Assessments

  • COVID 19 – Mitigation and Planning Procedure

  • COVID 19 – Strategic Planning

  • COIVD 19 – Questionnaire

  • Temperature Register

  • Monitoring and Screening

Other Services offered under this banner:

  • Sanitization

  • PPE

  • COVID 19 Compliance Officer Training Workshop

  • COVID 19 Employer and Employee Training Workshop

For more information on our offerings, please feel free to contact us on the above numbers.