Events Compliant

MACE Safety is fully qualified to apply these measures and to make sure you meet all further requirements of the Safety at Sports and Recreation Events Act 2 of 2010

Event Safety Management

MACE Safety Solutions endeavor to educate and assist all parties involved in putting an event together. We will ensure compliance and above all, implement tried-and-tested safety measures that assure the safety of everyone involved in the event.

Event safety planning in South Africa involves a process whereby Health and Safety standards have to be met according to guidelines set out in the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act. No 2 of 2010. Event Safety OfficerThere are many factors to consider when assessing a venue’s status in terms of event safety. Very specific procedures must be performed in order to comply with new legislation. Stringent new policies have made event safety a demanding process for venue owners and event organizers alike. Crucial factors are often overlooked due to the confusing and complicated nature of event safety law.

Some quick points to consider when planning an event:

  1. Appropriate application of the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act 2 of 2010
  2. Application for a Risk Rating
  3. Notifying appropriate authorities of the event
  4. Compiling and submitting all relevant documentation
  5. Public liability
  6. Appointing Safety Officers
  7. Setting up a detailed Safety Plan, signed off by the Safety Officer
  8. Medical Resources
  1. Security Resources
  2. Adequate amount of marshals
  3. Adequate licensing
  4. Structural compliance
  5. Electrical compliance
  6. Department of Health certification
  7. Municipal Approvals and Permits

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